About Us

We pride ourselves in supplying the absolute best custom long range rifles in the industry at a reasonable price. Our high quality custom rifles are far more accurate than any factory built rifle you can find on the market these days. We have created configurations of rifles that we feel cover the needs of a hunter in order to maximize accuracy and increase confidence in the field.

The HF2007 features an XLR stock for the collector who likes the tactical look and wants an accurate gun like no other. The HF2008 is for the game hunter, the HF2009 is for the varmint hunter, and the HF2010 is for hunters looking for an economical way to get into a custom rifle. However, in addition to our base models, we take custom orders according to your exact preferences including caliber, barrel length, color, action, stock, trigger, barrel flutes, barrel contour, and muzzle break, and we also accurize existing rifles to make your favorite gun your confident weapon of choice. A horizon is nothing but the limit of your sight...don't be limited.