About Horizon Firearms

We pride ourselves in supplying the absolute best custom long range rifles in the industry at a reasonable price. Our high quality custom rifles are far more accurate than any factory built rifle you can find on the market these days. We have created configurations of rifles that we feel cover the needs of a hunter in order to maximize accuracy and increase confidence in the field. 

The HF2007 features an XLR stock for the collector who likes


D Johnson
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you again for a couple of absolutely great rifles. I got a chance to do some shooting. The HS stocked rifle I've shot probably around 30 times. Cleaned it after every shot for the 1st 20 shots. Now I've been shooting 3 shot groups then will clean. Shooting some old ammo that I loaded some place around 40years ago. The groups have been running from under 1/2 inch to just under a 3/4 inch. The McMillan I shot some of the older ammo in it also. It shot the older ammo about the same as the other rifle. Then yesterday I shot a 3 shot group with some 180 gr. nosler ballistic tip reloads. I had cleaned the barrel a couple days ago after one of my shooting sessions. So the first shot was from a clean cold barrel. It was approx. 1 1/2 to 2 inches low. The next 2 were 1 1/12 to 2 inches higher and they were right on top of each other. And when I say on top of each other I mean right on top of each other. Thought I'd missed the whole target for a second, but if you looked close you could tell that the 30 caliber hole was now probably a 33 caliber hole. Wished I'd have shot a fowler shot first. Now I need to load up some more noslers and see how they do. Anyway they are very nice rifles and I'm very happy with them. Thanks dj

Tye Green
When I ordered a rifle from Horizon Firearms, I told them I wanted a gun that would give me the confidence to shoot a deer at 500 yards without hesitation. What I got is a rifle that far exceeds those expectations, as I have been able to consistently make shots out to almost 800 yards using factory ammunition. They make a gun that is not only extremely accurate, but great looking as well. Tye Green- Agarita Ranch