When it comes to building an accurate rifle, these are the brands we trust.

iota Outdoors
iota Outdoors is an expert in developing and manufacturing rifle accessories that solve problems. A subsidiary of 120-year-old manufacturing parent company, Kaspar Companies, iota refuses to be an industry me-too, only releasing a rifle accessory proven to provide cutting edge solutions for hunters or shooters. Their anti-cant devices, scope mounts and rifle stocks were invented for the inventors - outdoorsmen who identify ways to enhance their shooting experience with modern technology and creative thinking.
Leupold Optics is a family-owned, fifth generation, company that designs, builds and tests innovative, battle-proven optics for the world’s most resilient hunters and shooters. Founded in 1907, Leupold provides quality with every riflescope, binoculars and spotting scope used for hunting, shooting, golfing and observation. On the battlefield, in competition, or on the hunt, Leupold guarantees a lifetime of performance and then backs it up with a warranty you’ll never have to use.
Nightforce Optics makes precision rifle scopes for the shooter and hunter to take into the harshest, most unforgiving climates on earth. Nightforce examined real-world customer needs not being served in the optics industry and developed scopes and accessories to suit them. With the best components and rigorous testing, Nightforce riflescopes are built right, inspected using industry leading processes, and even torture tested before leaving the factory.
Trigger Tech
TriggerTech believes the trigger is your firearm’s operating system and should ensure your safety and success. TriggerTech’s high performance triggers are made using unique, patented technologies that no one else in the industry uses. The result being triggers with ideal release, minimal overtravel, precise reset control, audible adjustability and zero creep.
Hornady Ammo
From a two-man operation in 1949, Hornady Ammo has developed into a leader and innovator of bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design manufacturing. From Grand Island, Nebraska, Hornady is the largest independently owned maker of bullets, ammunition and tools in the world and takes great pride in ammunition development and advancement.
Nosler Ammo
Family-owned Nosler Ammo manufactures premium component bullets, brass, and ammunition in Bend, Oregon. Nosler is best known for revolutionizing big game hunting with its world famous Partition and Ballistic Tip bullets. In 1948, Partition was Nosler’s very first bullet and has remained a benchmark for the hunting bullet industry ever since.
B&T Industries (Atlas bipods)
Wichita, Kansas is where B&T Industries makes the Accu-Shot monopod and Atlas bipod to give stability and support to your rifle. Known for stellar customer service, B&T listens to customers and responds to their needs by improving on and creating new products. Patented features make B&T Industries monopods and bipods flexible, lightweight, easily adjustable and versatile in all shooting environments.
PROOF Research
PROOF Research is a science-based company that creates innovative, next-generation carbon fiber barrels. Headquartered in Northwest Montana, just minutes from the entrance to Glacier National Park, PROOF Research is setting new industry standards for accuracy, durability and barrel longevity. Their patented manufacturing process utilizes aircraft-grade carbon fiber in conjunction with high-temperature aerospace resins creating a powerful platform capable of launching a new class of products for both the sportsman and the warfighter.
Stiller’s Actions
Founded in 1998 by Jerry Stiller, a defense engineer working for Raytheon, Stiller’s Actions continues to produce precision custom actions with extreme accuracy and consistency. Known for their Predator series hunting action and the TAC series action for the tactical market, Stiller’s Actions services all parts of the industry including the military. Designed for hunting, tactical and competition rifles, all of the steel used in the action bodies is 416R barrel quality stainless and the one piece bolts are made from VAR aircraft certified 4140 alloy steel.
Benchmark Barrels
Benchmark Barrels has built a reputation for making world record-setting rimfire and centerfire barrels. They produce premium rifle barrels to satisfy both the hunter and the competitive shooter and use only the highest quality 416R and 414R carbon steel in their products. The team at Benchmark Barrels are all avid shooting sports enthusiasts and involved in many areas of competition and long-range hunting.