Frequently Asked Questions


Both the action and the barrel of a factory rifle are made independent of each other. This often results in a different tolerance between each part that creates stacked tolerances. Horizon rifles use custom actions that are measured down to the .0005 thou, keeping our headspace .001 to .002 tighter than the factory SAMI spec. The barrel is then made to fit that exact action. The perfect fit of our custom rifles results in the removal of tolerances and variation. You might get lucky and buy a well-fit factory rifle if the combined components happened to connect just right. However, you should not rely on luck when purchasing a rifle as the odds are often not in your favor. More likely than not, you will receive a rifle in which the two components are not a perfect fit. The careful measuring and matching that we do in our custom long-range rifles can not be done efficiently in a large production environment. This attention to detail might seem small, but it adds up to large difference down range. A factory rifle typically guarantees 1- to 1.5-inch groups at 100 yards. Horizon Firearms guarantees .5 inches or better at 100 yards. At 1,000 yards, there’s a 15-inch group for a factory rifle and a 5-inch group for a Horizon Firearms custom rifle. The ability to consistently shoot a 5-inch group at 1,000 yards gives you the confidence and capability to drop a giant elk during your dream hunt, whether it’s 100 yards or 900 yards away.


Let’s face it, we all love firearms. The rifle we shoot defines who we are, and that’s why we love custom rifles. When building a custom rifle with Horizon Firearms, you have the freedom to choose the components, colors and special features that reflect who you are. It’s your rifle. You want to be proud of the rifle displayed in your trophy photo, and you want to be proud of the rifle you pass on to your future generations. A custom rifle allows you to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will live forever.

Shipping a rifle is relatively easy.
1) Contact us and we will send you a copy of our FFL to take with you to FedEx or UPS in case they have any questions.
2) Include a copy of your Driver’s License or CHL in the box.
3) Wrap the rifle very snugly in bubble wrap or other soft material. Box and tape it securely. Do not put any markings on the box itself that would cause interest in the content (to mitigate temptation for theft).
4) Ship to: Horizon Firearms 108 Morgans Ln College Station, TX 77845
NOTE: Guns sent in for gunsmith work may be returned directly back to your address. Rifle purchases will have to be shipped to your local FFL holder for you to pick up.
Lead time depends on the components you choose to include in your custom rifle. The stock is usually the longest delay. All components in our industry have a lead time, but assuming you don’t pick anything too hard to get, our standard standard lead time ranges between 10 to 16 weeks, depending on the time of year. We pride ourselves in our fast lead times relative to competitors in our industry. We are able to produce rifles reasonably fast due to the high-quality partnerships we’ve worked hard to acquire and maintain.
We get this question often, and our lame answer has to be “it depends!” The answer really depends on the rifle’s overall purpose. Questions we would ask you include: “Will you be ground blind hunting or hiking?” “What size animal will you be predominately hunting with this rifle?” “Do you reload your own ammunition or do you like to buy factory ammo?” If you really want a cut-and-dry answer, we love the Creedmoor variations because of case design and repeatability.
Creedmoor refers to a relatively new case design that was introduced by Hornady in 2005. The 6.5 Creedmoor parent case is essentially a necked-down 30 TC that is offered as a factory round from Hornady. Variations off the 6.5 include the 22, 6mm and 7mm. In comparison, the 6.5 is similar to a 260, the 6mm is similar to a 243 and the 7mm is similar to a 7mm-08.
We test it. Every gun is shot before it leaves our shop, and we guarantee that the gun is capable of .5 MOA or better group size. If you receive your rifle and legitimately cannot get the same groups we have shot, give us a call so we can gladly correct any issues that are preventing your rifle from shooting accurately.
We require a 50 percent deposit on your rifle when you place your order, and the remaining 50 percent is due when the rifle is complete and ready to ship. We accept credit card, check or cash.