6.5 PRC | The Batman Project

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Caliber: 6.5 PRC
Series: Custom
Action: Horizon Series Stiller
Barrel: Benchmark
Barrel Length: 24
Barreled Action Color: Custom
Custom Paint: Black, Yellow, and Midnight Blue paint
Flutes: Custom
Trigger: TriggerTech
Bolt Knob: Factory
Bolt Fluting: Spiral
Stock: Other
Stock Color: iota KLUTCH - custom finish
Bottom Metal: DBM
Threaded Muzzle: Yes
Muzzle Break: No
6.5 PRC custom rife manufacturer When we received the request for this project, we knew the customer loved Batman and that it needed to be either classic 70's era Batman or current, modern Batman. Other than that, the project was pretty open-ended. We ultimately settled on the classic style and got to work! We ordered a few comic books and incorporated them into the finish of the stock, we 3D printed a one-of-a-kind adjustable cheek piece, and we meticulously custom mixed paint to match. This project was a labor of love and we are so excited to share it with you!

Build Details: 6.5 PRC Z-Custom | 24" Benchmark barrel | 3-flute regressive spiral fluting | Black, Yellow, and Midnight Blue paint | Tac bolt knob | iota KLUTCH stock | Redsnake bottom metal | Triggertech trigger | iota Triad ZL scope rings | Leupold optics

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