muzzle brake

Our Horizon Series muzzle brakes are crafted in-house from 4/16-inch heat-treated and hardened muzzle blanks to fit seamlessly on the end of your barrel. They relieve pressure as the bullet leaves the barrel to reduce felt recoil by 40 to 60 percent, depending on caliber. The Horizon muzzle brake is an indicated brake with side and top holes, but no bottom holes that can stir up dust, dirt and other particles onto and inside your rifle, especially when shooting from a prone or seated position. They also reduce muzzle jump to enable the shooter to watch the bullet hit its target. Our brakes are turned down and indexed to your barrel so they appear to be part of the barrel, yet easily screw on and off.

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Holes are on top and sides of the barrel and are perfectly aligned to the top of the barrel. Directs the muzzle blast out the sides and prevents the kick up of dust.

Non-Indicated Holes are not aligned or timed to the top of the barrel and can surround the circumference. $195
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