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    • Posted on December 19, 2014

    Horizon Firearms had a great start to the week! We got a chance to spend some time in South Texas at the Agarita Ranch with Jada Johnson, hostess of Big Boys Adventures. We have been sponsoring Jada's show on the Sportsman Channel and Wild TV for 2 years now. Jada has never really shot past 400 yards, and the ranch had a great range so we took advantage of showing off some of our guns and providing some shooting tips. We let her try out the 6.5 Creedmoor that we are giving away as the Top Pin Prize at the Dallas Safari Club show next month as she has only been using a 7 Mag and a 300 Win. We thought she would appreciate the mild recoil. After getting an idea of what the wind was doing at 400 yards with 2 shots, I dialed up the scope and told her to try 2 shots at 600. Needless to say, you cant get much better than that! This gun had 7 shots through it and that group was shot with factory 140 grain Amax ammo. We later shot my 22 Creedmoor out to to 900 and we had a blast. Someone at DSC is going to get one heck of a rifle!

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    • Posted on December 9, 2014

    This past month, Team HorizonFirearms and ZEROlight got the opportunity to enter the Gillette, Wyoming, coyote contest which is an annual contest in which 25-50 teams of 2 hunters compete over a 23 hour period to see who can harvest the most coyotes. Four coyotes per team are weighed to determine the winner for the heaviest set. This year, I decided to fly up to hunt with my business partner, Hazer Bulkley. After flying into Gillette a day early, we made sure our rifles were sighted in and practiced shooting off of round hay bales on 3.5” targets out to 400 yards.

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    • Posted on December 3, 2014

    One of the biggest outdoor and hunting shows in America is NEXT MONTH! and we will be there! We are very excited to be participating as a vendor at the Dallas Safari Club 2015 Convention and Sporting Expo, one of the most influential and significant shows in our industry.

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