Monthly Archives: March 2015

    • Posted on March 25, 2015

    A couple of us from Horizon Firearms had the opportunity to spotlight a couple weekends ago and we decided to field test one of our new exciting calibers - the 22 Creedmoor.

    Austin Ratliff swept the light through the darkness and landed on a bright set of eyes low to the ground about 150 yards away. It wasn't moving, and we studied it for quite a while and became pretty that it was a bobcat sitting very, very still. He obviously didn't want to give himself away and was observing us from a low to the ground position. We flipped on the FoxPro and he sat up confirming that he was indeed a  bobcat. Austin readied the 22 Creedmoor and shot just below the eyes. The cat immediately fell - he'd made a great shot. We quickly drove over there to check it out and couldn't believe what we found. We've hunted our entire lives, but never seen this!

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