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    • Posted on November 22, 2017


    It was well before daylight when we woke up the morning of the vaal rhebok hunt — the earliest morning of all of our hunts. It was also very cold. We had an hour+ drive to reach the 22,000-acre, low-fenced sheep farm that boasted some of the highest mountaintops in the Sneeuburg mountain range in the broader mountain area known as the Karoo. We drove an hour over roads that don’t really compare to anything we have in the states. The closest comparison I can think of is bump gate roads in West Texas. It felt like we were on private property, and some of the time we were, but they were public dirt roads.

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    • Posted on November 15, 2017


    Our 2017 South African safari with John X Safaris was the year that kicked off my quest for the Tiny Ten antelope. I was fairly ignorant going into this hunt about the unique qualities of each species, how hard they are to hunt, and how addicted I’d become to the concept of completing the challenge of harvesting all 10 of them. I only succeeded in collecting three of the ten on this trip, which just means that I have to go back again next year!

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