Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Hunters

Gifts for Hunters

The holiday season is upon us and Christmas will be here before you know it. Have you found that perfect gift for the hunter in your life? Gift for hunters can be tough. There are so many hunting products out there, sometimes it’s hard to know what to buy, what’s worth it, and so on.

Based on what’s on our own team’s wish list, what we’ve seen folks buy when they come through our shop, and with a little help from some of our Facebook fans, we put together a list of gift ideas for the hunters in your life. As you’re marking things off your holiday to-do list, consider some of the following gift options.

Gunsmithing Tools:

- Gun Vise – Anyone that spends a lot of time behind the rifle, would benefit for a Tipton Gun Vise. It’s great for maintaining a solid base while working on a rifle and also serves as a handy way to secure a rifle for cleaning.

- Torque Wrenches – Perfect for installing scope rings, action screws, and trigger guard screws, use of the Wheeler FAT wrench (Digital or Standard) ensures the right amount of torque.

- Level Kit – If there’s a new scope under the tree, Wheeler’s Level-Level-Level should be wrapped up under there too. The level-level-level works because the scope is leveled to the rifle’s receiver, not to the top of a scope base.


- Scopes – scopes are a bit of a touchy subject because they are based so much on personal preference, but a few good ones worth mentioning are: Leupold Mark 4 is an excellent higher-end long range scope, the Athlon Midas and Cronos scopes are great for the price, and the Zeiss HD5 3-15x50 RZ600 and 5-25x50 Zplex are solid hunting scopes with legendary glass clarity.

- Rangefinders – No doubt about it, for long range hunters and shooters, G7’s BR2 Ballistic Rangefinder makes one of the best rangefinders available today. For a bino/rangefinder combo, the Zeiss Victory 10x45 T* RF ranges out to 1,300 yards and has the glass clarity Zeiss is known for.

- Spotting Scopes – Thomas S. has his sights set on a spotting scope for Christmas this year. For a high-performer in a lightweight, compact size, Derrick really likes the Vortex Diamondback spotting scope.

Rifle Components/Accessories:

- Scope mount rings – There are a lot of scope mount rings on the market these days and the prices (and quality) range as much as the quantity itself. The Nomad & Triad scope mount rings, for direct action and picatinny mount respectively, are high quality, heavy-duty rings featuring under-angles screws.

- Stock – Jaime G. is ready to upgrade his rifle with a stock. McMillan is well known in the custom world for their stocks. We have built a number of rifles on McMillan stocks. Toward the end of 2016, the majority of our rifles have been built on the KREMLIN composite stock from iota.

- Ammo – Every rifle hunter or precision shooter needs ammo!

- Anti-cant Device – For predator hunters and anyone that hunts in low-light situations, the ZeroLight anti-cant device featuring turret and level illumination is a must-have.

Hunting/Shooting Accessories:

- Shooting Sticks – Standing, kneeling, sitting, or prone, Bog Pod offers a variety of shooting sticks, tripods, bipods, and monopods for every shooter’s style. Brian M. is hoping for a bipod.

- Blind Chair – For the blind hunter, a new blind chair is never a bad idea. Kacey T. hopes the Cabela’s Comfort Max 360 ends up under his tree this year.

- Wind Meter – With ballistics calculators available directly on iOS & Android devices, it makes sense to get a wind meter that is compatible too. The Geo Ballistics WEATHERmeter connects to devices via bluetooth to provide shooters with a complete atmospheric profile.

- Predator call – Derrick uses the Fox Pro Fusion personally and also likes the Shock Wave. We’ve also been hearing good things about the Convergent Hunting Bullet HP. If one of those ends up under Cody S.’s tree, he won’t complain.

- Knives – No hunter can have too many knives. Jason S. wants a Havalon scalpel blade skinning knife.

  • Posted on December 7, 2016