Hunting in Africa – Bushbuck

bushbuckmain When you go to Africa there will be the animals that people say, “trust me that needs to be on your list” and you look at them and go, “nope.” But then you see one and your mind is changed real fast. For me that was the bushbuck. Nearing the end of the hunt it was the only animal I lacked to take the spiral slam so we decided to go after it, and I was glad we did.

Hunting bushbuck to me was a lot like hunting big muleys out west. A lot of glass time and then change your angle and glass some more. They are not a very large animal and really keep close in with the thick brush making them very hard to spot. We found ourselves on this steep cliff embankment overlooking a large creek bank. After about an hour of glassing my PH, Stix, decided to sneak down the hill a ways for a new angle. About five minutes later he came back over the rocks and I could see in his eyes that he had spotted a good one. I didn’t even have to ask and I was loading the 6.5 Creedmoor and getting ready for a shot. The bushbuck was going to come between two rows of trees but what looked like would be for just a second.

Stix ranged and said he will be about 350 yards and not to let him get to the brush. As the bushbuck came across it was clear that he was not going to stop. I gave him a little bit of a lead and quartered away at 350 the Creedmoor struck true. Once we got to the Bushbuck it was really an impressive animal and I could tell we had killed a big one when Jimmy our tracker was even excited.

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  • Posted on November 15, 2016

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